This years AML Summit will be held over two days.

The first day on Thursday 13th May is packed with presentations, while the second day on Friday 14th May will involve practical workshops and discussions on topical and difficult aspects of AML.

Below we have lined out the schedule for each day, and included information about our guest speakers.

You can buy tickets to attend in-person, or virtually


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Day 1

Thursday 13th May

— AML SUMMIT 2021 —

The first day includes:

  • Supervisor updates and observations; we hear from RBNZ, FMA and DIA.
  • NZ Police and insightful SAR Stories; Importance of SARs and getting them lodged on time. A general NZ Police update, Mutual Evaluation update, current stats and case studies.
  • MOJ Update; Discussions on the FATF Mutual Evaluation.
  • Focus on Terrorism Financing; We discuss practical implementation for detection.
  • Your Record-Keeping is critical; A close look at why so many still get this fundamentally wrong.
  • The misadventures of s59 Audits; War stories, what went wrong and the lessons learnt.
  • Guidance Digest; A summary of the guidance that has come out in the last 18 months and its impact on practical application.


  • Transaction Monitoring; We tried but got it wrong – now what?
  • The common themes of Prosecutions and Formal Warnings; a look at local and overseas warnings and prosecutions with consideration on how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • SaaS AML Software and the benefits; where is this technology heading.
  • Update from RealMe; it’s future as NZ’s identity service and how we can all access.
  • Managing Disengaged Staff or the Board – how do we improve compliance through meaningful training, vetting and awareness.
  • AMLCO’s need certain qualities; what you need to develop to be an AMLCO.
  • Social drinks function to mix and mingle to discuss all things AML or not!


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Day 2

Friday 14th May

— Workshops —

The second day includes:

  • What about all this guidance?; Putting supervisor guidance into day to day practice is one of the hardest things for reporting entities to do. Discussion of these issues and examples of successful implementations.
  • Managing Remedial Actions; Dealing with a poor Audit report or Supervisory review in a timely manner.
  • Registers, Calendars and Compliance Framework; A discussion and workshop on current best practice.
  • CDD Upskilling; Discussion on the ambiguous and complex areas of CDD and EDD. Participation encouraged.


This workshop will run for half a day and can be purchased as an add-on to the main conference.




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Speakers Profiles

AML SUMMIT are thrilled to host the following speakers

Alice aaaa


Alice Tregunna

Chief Executive Officer, TICC

Alice is a CAMS certified anti-money laundering professional with a PhD specialising in women leaders of criminal organisations. Alice has a wealth of international experience. Originally from the UK, she now lives in New Zealand (via the Netherlands, Finland, US and Macedonia) and continues to set benchmarks in the AML/CFT sector. She was a key founding member of the Trust, Integrity and Compliance Company ("TIC Company") and the ATTIC Research Institute.

Currently she holds the position of CEO at the TIC Company, balancing this with her role as a lecturer at the University of Auckland and working in an advisory capacity on AML to multiple other agencies. Alice is committed to setting benchmarks and driving best practice across the AML/CFT industry.

Picture21 circle


Andrew Freeman-Greene

Product Dev/Strategy Manager, AML Hub

Andrew has broad experience in product development in the banking, investment, and funds management sectors. Andrew was also the founder and compliance officer for a NZ & UK (FSA) regulated boutique funds management business which he ran for over a decade specialising in computer automated decision making.

Andrew has project managed the successful rollout of the AMLHub, an end to end cloud based (SaaS) AML/CFT platform that now has over 10,000 registered users.

AH Round


Andrew Hill

Manager of Criminal Law Policy Team, Ministry of Justice

Andrew Hill is the manager of the Criminal Law policy team and the Head of the New Zealand delegation to the Financial Action Task Force and Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering. He was responsible for leading New Zealand’s engagement in our Mutual Evaluation process and will present on our Mutual Evaluation and what it means for New Zealand


AH circle


Andrew Holmes

Deputy Director Operations, AML Group, Dept. of Internal Affairs

Andrew Holmes is the Deputy Director Operations of the AML Group at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). Andrew has worked for DIA since 2013. Before working at DIA he held various roles at Immigration New Zealand and was a sworn detective at the New Zealand Police. 

Andrew is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and has been part of several country Mutual Evaluations undertaken by FATF. 

Andrew holds an LLM (Hons) from the University of Auckland.



Andrew Wong

Finance Director, Simpson Grierson

Andrew is the finance director at Simpson Grierson in Auckland. He leads the finance team and is responsible for accounting AML/CFT compliance and Trust account controls.

Andrew comes from a chartered accounting background having worked in business services for a number of firms. He has held senior finance roles in various corporate entities


Picture17 circle


Brandt Botha

Principal Adviser, Supervision, FMA

Brandt Botha joined the FMA early in 2016 and is the Principal Adviser in the Supervision Team. Since joining the FMA he has been involved in a variety of AML activities which included provision of AML/CFT Training to FMA Reporting Entities, onsite monitoring visits, s59 Audit reviews and participated in the FMA Sector Risk Assessment.

Prior to joining the FMA Brandt has worked in the financial sector in various roles including internal audit, fraud investigations, security management and AML management both in New Zealand and abroad. Brandt holds a Bachelors in Commerce, is a Certified Fraud Examiner and gained his CAMS qualifications in 2017.



Christiaan Barnard

Detective Inspector and Manager FIU, NZ Police

Detective Inspector Christiaan Barnard is the manager of the NZ Police Financial Intelligence Unit.  He is a career Police Officer with over 20 years’ service and he worked in a range of investigations roles including organised crime, the undercover programme, and human source management.  He has held leadership roles in frontline CIB, as a uniform Shift Commander, and previously worked for two years as an Operations Supervisor in the FIU.  He remains actively involved in operational policing through his part-time positions as the Commander of the Wellington District Police Negotiation Team and as a Commander in the NZ Police Disaster Victim Identification team. 

Prior to the FIU he was the Officer in Charge of the Kapiti-Mana CIB where he oversaw a number of homicide investigations.  With his strong operational background he is aligning the FIU with the NZ Police target of restraining $500 million cash and assets restrained from criminals by 2021.  He holds a BA(Hons – Criminology) from Victoria University and was a criminology tutor at Victoria University for 10 years.



Daryl Collins

Banking and AML/CFT Supervision Manager, RBNZ 

Daryl Collins is the manager of the Banking and AML/CFT Supervision team at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand - Te Pūtea Matua. Prior to this role he spent 11 years in financial regulation in the UK, initially at the Financial Services Authority and then the Bank of England. He started his career at the NZ Treasury after studying post graduate Economics at the University of Auckland. He has an amazing wife and three wonderful children, so outside work most of his time is spent with them.

Dylan Circle


Dylan Gallagher

Senior Consultant, AML Solutions

Dylan has a background in Finance and Management and has worked for AML Solutions for over 2 years and has assisted well over 75 Reporting Entities with their AML programmes. 

Dylan specialises in assisting Reporting Entities with their post implementation health checks, the development of compliance documentation including Risk Assessments, Compliance Programmes and the integration of effective AML policies, procedures and controls into pre-existing business practices. Dylan also specialises in conducting AML Audits.

Picture14 cicle


Fiona Hall

Sole Practitioner, Fiona Hall Law

Fiona Hall is a barrister and solicitor operating in sole practice with a focus on regulatory law. Fiona has the extensive commercial law experience gained for her roles with top New Zealand and UK law firms, as General Counsel for a number of financial institutions, as senior counsel for the Commerce Commission and as the AML Compliance Officer for a large national company.

Widely regarded as one of New Zealand's leading AML/CFT experts, Fiona now practises primarily in this complex area of law focussing most particularly on assisting clients with effective implementation of their programmes, preparing for audit, and managing remedial work and engagement with their supervisor.

Picture1 round


John Keene

Business Development Manager, RealMe, DIA

John is currently the Business Development Manager for t he RealMe authentication and identity service for the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand. In the past 7 years John has been instrumental in the uptake of the RealMe Identity Service in both major government departments and the private sector.

Prior to joining the Department, John created and managed a number of data analytics and business intelligence start-ups, supported the growth of a major New Zealand credit bureau and has 15 years in various banking roles.

John’s interest in identity stems from a desire to make it easier for citizens to engage with government and businesses in a frictionless way whilst maintaining integrity, security and privacy of data.

Round KM


Karty Mayne

Founder, Rosewill Consulting Limited

Karty has over 20 years of financial services, management, risk and compliance experience. Karty was previously a Manager in the Supervision Team at the Financial Markets Authority with a key focus on licensing, monitoring and drafting guidance.

Karty is a member of the Institute of Directors, Governance NZ and Association of Certificated Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

Karty and the team at Rosewill Consulting provide services specialising in AML/CFT Audits, Compliance Officer training and Development of Risk Assessments and Compliance Programmes.




Martin Dilly

Director, MD/AML 

Martin Dilly has consulted full time as an AML/CFT specialist since 2012.

He has assisted hundreds of entities across every sector of capture through the provision of audit, consulting, and training services throughout New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, and Vanuatu.

Martin holds degrees in Law and Commerce (Economics) from the University of Auckland as well as the CAMS Audit advanced certification.

Picture1 Round


Nick Kokay

Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Justice

Nick Kokay is a senior policy advisor in the Criminal Law policy team and has been responsible for leading AML/CFT policy changes over the past three years. He recently led a review of expiring AML/CFT regulations and is leading the statutory review of the AML/CFT Act, which will begin in July 2021. He will present on the Ministry’s intended process for the statutory review and how business can provide input to ensure the AML/CFT regime works best for New Zealand.




Rawdon Christie (MC)

TV Presenter and Professional MC

You're most likely to know Rawdon from his award-winning broadcasting career, which spanned 20 years with the BBC and Television New Zealand. His most high-profile role was as host of TVNZ's Breakfast programme, but he also presented political show Agenda and the NZ version of Dragon’s Den, and he anchored countless 6pm news bulletins and the rolling coverage of the 2010/2011 Christchurch Earthquakes.

Rawdon left the television world to start his own media company and to work as Creative Director at the National Business Review, but after four years of running media training workshops and speaking at conferences, Covid-19 brought an abrupt end to the business. 

Picture16 circle


Richard Manthel

Director, AML Solutions, AMLHub

Richard co-founded AML Solutions in 2012 and has now seen AML Solutions assist over 1,800 companies with their AML obligations. 

Through seeing the many AML failures within companies and inefficient procedures, Richard and the team developed the AMLHub platform. This SaaS based platform now assists Reporting Entities manage their AML obligations and has grown to over 10,000 users.  

Richard has strong strategic and operational qualifications with a focus on ensuring business systems and processes meet best practice standards. Richard gained his Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist certificate through ACAMS in 2016.

Tijana aaaa


Tijana Misur

Head of Delivery, AML Solutions

Tijana is a CAMS-Audit certified AML/CFT professional with extensive experience providing both Audit and Consultancy services to hundreds of New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Island reporting entities. Now regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading AML experts, Tijana joined AML Solutions from KPMG as a Senior Auditor in 2014 and assisted AML Solutions develop strong AML Audit methodologies and reports.

Tijana and her team’s focus is to provide practical guidance and expertise gained by observing trends and assisting over 1,800 clients with their AML/CFT obligations. Tijana is a Chartered Accountant and gained her Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist certificate through ACAMS in 2016, and the CAMS-Audit advanced certification in 2018.

Picture12 Vincent circle


Vincent McCartney

Managing Director, Verifi Identity Services (Cloudcheck)

Vincent is the Managing Director and co-founder of Verifi Identity Services who provides electronic identity verification services through its Cloudcheck product. Prior to starting Verifi, Vincent worked in retail and wholesale financial markets across the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. He has significant expertise in developing new financial products & technology platforms and implementing these into large financial institutions.