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The Future Of AML/CFT

AML/CFT in New Zealand will undergo change over the next few years as we move into a more mature AML/CFT regime. There will be higher expectations by Supervisors, tighter regulations, and more scrutiny on Compliance Programmes. How will all of this manifest and what will be the impact on reporting entities?

Watch the 2024 AML SUMMIT on-demand, where we focus on The Future of AML/CFT, and what these higher standards will mean for New Zealand businesses.

About the AML SUMMIT 2024

The AML SUMMIT 2024 assembles NZ's top AML/CFT experts and Supervisors to provide a thought provoking look at the legislation, how it is developing, and insights into global trends that will impact how businesses should approach AML/CFT.

Join fellow AML/CFT professionals from every sector and experience level for two engaging and insightful days of best-practice AML discussion. Hear from the Supervisors, Ministry of Justice, and mix and mingle with delegates at coffee breaks, lunch, and networking drinks.



A full day covering a range of topics and workshops by expert AML/CFT speakers and Supervisors, including:

  1. Money Laundering in Action!
    What happens to suspicious activities once they are reported? Learn how your AML efforts impact real-world activities.

  2. Ministry of Justice Update
    The Ministry of Justice delivers a high-level overview of AML/CFT in New Zealand.

  3. The AML/CFT Supervisors' Update
    New Zealand's AML/CFT Supervisors provide their valuable updates and their focus for the year ahead.

  4. Practical Session on the Latest AML/CFT Regulations Updates
    Learn what the latest updates to the AML/CFT regulations are and how they will impact your AML regime moving forward.

  5. Formal Warnings: Insights and trends, local and international
    What we can learn from formal warnings in New Zealand and globally, and how it impacts you as an AML Compliance Officer.

  6. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Your AML Regime
    Risk management is no longer a back-office function, but a strong concern for board members and senior management. As control of risk shifts to higher levels in the business, learn what this means for your AML/CFT programme and its application.

  7. "Individual" Client Risk Assessments by 2025
    Reporting entities will be required to perform individual risk assessments from 2025. What does this mean? Learn how this will impact your methodologies.



A half day of AML/CFT thought leadership and practical workshops on best-practice AML/CFT:

  1. A detailed look at best-practice CDD and EDD
    A practical workshop on best-practice customer due diligence and enhanced due diligence.
  2. Profile of a Professional Money Launderer
    Do you know how to spot professional money launderers? We discuss how to practically identify professional money launderers, and the challenges in doing so.
  3. De-Risking: Banks' shifting views and the ethics involved
    Banking institutions are essential to business and life, but are highly risk-adverse. We discuss the banks' risk appetite to AML.
  4. Account monitoring, red flags, and meaningful & effective reporting
    A practical workshop on account monitoring and best-practice reporting.
  5. Three things that will send your Board to jail!
    Learn about the top serious issues that are concerning your supervisor and AML auditor.
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About the AML SUMMIT

The AML SUMMIT was established in 2015 by AML Solutions to bring together AML professionals while educating them in all things AML. Since then, the AML SUMMIT has welcomed more than 3,200 delegates.

Attendees have the opportunity to connect with key industry players as well as peers from all over the country tasked with carrying out the same AML obligations.

Presenters and workshop facilitators are all expert AML/CFT practitioners and represent involvement from the NZ AML/CFT Supervisors, NZ Police, Ministry of Justice, and local AML/CFT industry experts.

We look forward to seeing you at the AML SUMMIT 2024!

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